About us

My name is Vlada, and I am an expat.
An expat who loves books, art and gets homesick from time to time.

If being surrounded by other like minded introverts could be a love language, it would definitely be mine.

Notre Locus is …
🔹 an independent online bookstore (offline coming later this year!)
🔹 a cultural space that brings together art, music and literature from various cultural backgrounds

As a team, we shared similar experiences of immigration and all the discomfort it caused. Being alienated from our cultures, torn apart by the painful adaptation to unfamiliar territories, we dreamt of a way to connect to our roots again. To heal through art, literature, and cultural representation.

Out of that desire, the idea of Notre Locus was born

I know the world can be tough and challenging, especially for those far from home. But Notre Locus is here to remind you that you’re not alone. This is the Salon for lost generation, like myself and our team.

Our ultimate goal is to embrace diversity and openness about each other's history & culture. To create a safe space where people come together, exchange experiences, find inspiration, and even make new friends! 🪄

I understand that building a multi-national space is very difficult because of its complex cultural and historical past and present, but I believe that we can create an environment where everyone would feel welcomed and included.

The journey may be long and winding, but our team is filled with excitement for what lies ahead:
⭐️ A collection of hand-selected books available for pre-order in different languages
⭐️ Exclusive content on our Patreon (stay tuned!)
⭐️ Pop-ups, art exhibitions, and meetups planned for later this year
⭐️ Grand opening of our offline space in London, yay!

If you’re ready to be a part of our community, follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on all our upcoming events

CEO of Notre Locus