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Peter Morgan


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If the politicians cannot save Russia, then we businessmen must. We have not just the responsibility but the duty to become Russian heroes.1991. The Fall of the Soviet Union.With the dawning of a new Russia, there are winners and losers, and today's patriot can fast become tomorrow's traitor.As a new generation of oligarchs fights to seize control, we follow billionaire businessman Boris Berezovsky - the 'kingmaker' behind Vladimir Putin - from the president's inner circle to public enemy number one, in this unflinching story of ambition and the dangers of loyalty and love.Peter Morgan's Patriots opened at the Almeida Theatre, London, in July 2022.

Author: Peter Morgan

Book information

ISBN: 978-0571379958

Number of pages: 90

Cover type: Paperback

Age requerements: 18+

Book size: 129x6x178

Weight, g: 114

Year: 2022

Author: Peter Morgan

Language: English

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